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“Beat the Summer heat!”

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You can trust the Magic Air Conditioning team & you can rely on us for after sales support and service!

We warranty the installation for the life of the air conditioner’s manufacturer warranty, of min 5 years.


Up to 36 months *Interest free finance is available on all ducted systems. Ask us for a free quote.

PLUS! Up to $400 Energex cash back is available on compatible Ducted systems.

Home ducted systems can range in price and will require a site check and quote.


Brands we use and sell and recommend are LG, Fujitsu, Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Actron.


All ducted systems require a site check and are quoted based on the layout of your home. We price up your system based on your preferences of the preferred or recommended brand, size of the ducted unit, the number of outlets and zones you prefer throughout your home, as well as the type of controller you might prefer.

*This price is estimated only, based on a supply & installation of a replacement 9kw Samsung brand. In a single story, 3 bedroom home with 5 outlets and 2 zones and a standard wall controller.

Easy temperature control for your whole house with the touch of a button.

As a more cost effective option than installing individual split systems in each room, ducted air conditioning is a great alternative for cooling your whole home. With easy *interest free finance packages now available, we can offer affordable repayment options so you can have a new ducted system installed now, don’t sweat it out and don’t wait until next Summer!

A ducted system will air condition multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit. It also allows for individual zone temperature control in each room or various areas of the home. This is a very easy and cost effective way of cooling your entire house or office. The energy efficiency of the latest ducted systems also guarantees large power cost savings compared to older models.

We will offer a free site check and quote to ensure you are choosing the correct size and the right position for your new or replacement ducted air conditioner. Whatever you select to buy is promptly and professionally installed by us. We can also schedule ongoing preventative maintenance services for your air conditioner to ensure the correct operation and most efficient cooling and heating for many years to come.

Gold Coast Ducted air-conditioning system will provide comfort all year around, all throughout your house or business…

We work in all areas of the Gold Coast for all of your Ducted Air Conditioning sales and installations. We serve both domestic and light commercial customers (offices and small commercial buildings).

All of our air con technicians and electricians are industry certified and qualified to complete all jobs. We carry all the necessary accreditation & Licensing such as Australian Master Electricians and Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Brands We Use

We offer many Ducted Air Conditioning systems to our customers. We do have have a preference of brands we work with purely because of the quality and longevity of the systems we install and after sales support is offered. Over the many years of experience working with different brands we find that brands such as LGFujitsu, DaikinMitsubishi Heavy Industries and Samsung offer great value for money for a quality Ducted system.

What to Look For When Buying a Ducted Heating & Air Conditioning system?

The type of heating or cooling solution you require will depend upon a number of different factors including:

    • Getting the right size air conditioner for your home.
    • Air Conditioning Tick Point Noise Level consideration.
    • Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency & effectiveness.
    • Get Professional Installation for your new Ducted Air-Conditioner system.

What are the benefits & features of installing a Ducted Air Conditioning System over a Split System?

A Ducted air-conditioning system will provide comfort all year around, all around the house and improve your office environment during the hot summers and cold winters.

The absolute benefits of installing a Ducted Air conditioning system is being able to control the temperatures and zoning throughout your home or office. Ducted heating and cooling systems are zoned to enable you to select the area of the home or office that is to be air conditioned.

Ducted Air Conditioning features:

  • Concealed Installation
  • Perfect comfort throughout every room
  • Reverse cycle heating & cooling
  • A selection of outlets to choose from
  • Wall Controller

How does Ducted Heating & Ducted Cooling work?

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is designed to air condition every room of a house or office. The fan coil is installed in the ceiling space and connected via small pipes to the outdoor unit.

The fan coil pumps the conditioned, dehumidified air through flexible ducting to ceiling diffusers located in each room. Available in a range of capacities with three speed fans to deliver the required volume of air.

Take a look at this diagram below to get the an idea of how you new Ducted air conditioning system works.

How Ducted Air Conditioning Works


Smart Air Conditioning Controllers

We have also offer fantastic new wireless and wifi controllers compatible to most existing or new ducted air conditioners, to help easily control the temperature even when you are not at home!


The new Smart Air Conditioning Control, “AirTouch 4” is so simple to use and can be installed to any ducted system for remote operation from anywhere inside or outside of the home.

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Interest Free Finance* on Ducted Air Conditioning


Interest Free Finance* on Air Conditioning

Finance packages are  now available! Get up to 36 months interest free finance on various ducted systems. Call us today for easy application online and a free quote! Finance packages are based on our RRP, discounts may not apply to finance packages.

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*Interest Free Finance is on selected models and is for Approved applicants only. Fees, terms, conditions & minimum finance amount apply.